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oliver co's Games List
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Joined: 2 September 2008
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Birthday: 03/07/94
Games played: 1202
Games added: 163
Profile views: 11758
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      I--I                    I--I
       l l                       l l
       l l                       l l
       l l                    l\ l l/l      THE CODE AT THE 
      /=\                   \  = /      BOTOM IS A FREE
     / = \                  /  =  \     RIDER CODE 
    / /  \ \                l_/  \_l     WHICH DIDNT FIT
                                           ON THE COMENT 
ILoveMusic!                           PAGE !
. \....\........... /..../
...\....\........../..../ROCK ON!!!!!!
..../... I....I..(¯¯¯`\
...\.....` ¯..¯ ´.......'
---/\---put this on your profile
---\/---If You
---[]---Support ROCK
---[]---add the GUITAR to your page
-/._. \-
/_/ \_\
---------------------o|....... ..|o
---------------------o|....... ..|o
---------------------o|....... ./o
----------------------|||||| ----- ||||||
------------------*---||||||-- --*
----------------*-----0000---- *
---------------*------||||||-- ---- *
--------------*-------(-----)- -----*
-------------*-----------*---- ------*
------------*-----------*-*--- -------*
-----------*----------*----*-- --------*
----------*---------*--------* ---------*
---------*--------*----------- -*-------- *
--------*-------*------------- ---*------ -*
-------*------*--------------- -----*---- --*
------*-----*----------------- -------*-- ---*
-----*---*-------------------- ---------- *---*
----*-*----------------------- ---------- -----*
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wow a lot of writin 2 get 2 this lol
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i really like grand chase its awesome!
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play epic war 2
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done it
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no i havnt done it but ive got lots of ideas happy new year